1st Annual World Championship

Handboarding Contest Results

Malama I ka he`e umauma o nalu Hawai`i Nei!!

Place Division
  Women's Open Jr. Mens Sr. Mens Masters Dugong Pro's Open Grand Champion
1st Mealoha Hooten Alex Botelho Barry (BK) Holt Chip Hartman Lucky Cole Kaleo Garlasa Barry (BK) Holt
2nd Keli'ilani Tongg Kyle Hussey Alex Kamalu Claude Higa Jon Willers Wyatt Tillotson Kaleo Garlasa
3rd   Robert Gerard Jerry Meredith Eric Hill Gordon Van Wagner Merv Kamalu Chip Hartman
4th   Tony Ching Craig Yano Kerry Gilbert Michael Kliks Bill Wise Alex Botelho
5th   John Gomersal Chris Cole Robert Reynolds   Cole Kekahuna Mealoha Hooten
6th   Shane Awai Guy Makimoto Pat Donohue   Shane Nojima Lucky Cole

Contest was held on Sunday, July 12, 1998,
at Point Panic, Kaka'ako State Waterfront Park, O'ahu, Hawai'i.
Surf was in the 3 to 4.5 foot range, local measurement.

The surf remained at a consistent 4-6 foot range all day 
with 20 to 30 good waves in each 25-35 minute heat.  
Barry Holt clearly dominated his Senior Men's Division 
and the Grand Championship by pulling off stunning "360s" 
("belly spins") in each heat, including 2 in a single 
wave, followed by another 4 spinners!  Kaleo "BlueWings" 
Garlasa easily won the Pro Division and placed 2nd in 
the GC with his smooth, connected reverse spinners, 
tubes and deep takeoffs.  Chip Hartman, a long time 
friend of REDWINGS surprised everyone by winning the 
very competitive Master's Divisions with his powerful 
deep pocket takeoffs, long walls, barrel rides: he 
placed 3rd in the GC just a point behind Kaleo Garlasa.  
As shown in the horn to horn video coverage, some of the 
most exciting and beautifully executed wave rides of the 
day were made by Destry Flores, Darryl AhMau, Alec Cooke, 
and David Lane who did not make it to the finals.
The Meet Committee is now preparing a 1 hour+ VHS video 
of the contest from the opening Ke oli mea ho`omana'o 
chant by Butch Helemano to the awards ceremony and 
including much biographical and historical footage of 
the man, REDWINGS, himself.  Footage includes that shot 
by H. Denjiro Sato at the contest both from shore using 
a MiniDV digital camera and in the water using a super 
high speed 16 mm color cinema camera as well as archival 
shots of "WINGS" at Waimea and the Pipe. Donations and 
pre-production orders are being sought to defray the 
editing and production expenses.  
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