2000 World Championship

Paepo Boarding Contest Results

1st Annual Royal Richard Memorial Paepo Boarding Contest

Sunday June 25, 2000 at Point Panic, O`ahu, Hawai'i


`Olie! E hao`oli na `opio o Hawai`i nei

The happy youth of Hawai`i were rejoicing all day on Sunday at 
Kaka`ako Park. . .from the opening memorial`oli and wave calling 
chant by Kahuna Kaleo to the kaunakapila after the awards 
ceremony. . . and well into the night.  Conditions were almost ideal:
 the "shaking sea, the running sea of Kou, fine is the breeze from 
the mountains" gave us excellent waves in the 3 to 5 foot range 
all day long.  More than 20 of our best aquatic athletes competed 
in 10 heats for the AMATEUR and PROFESSIONAL Divisions.
Riding one of Paul Lindburgh`s super fast Hawai`i Paipo Designs 
boards Point Panic's own BK Holt pulled off multiple 360s on a 
long knee ride to barely edge out veteran paepo artist Kale Keahi 
by 1/2 point and become the 1st  World Amateur Champion of 
Paepo Boarding!  Kale's outside, big wall take off and barrel was 
the highest scoring wave of the day.   Paepo designer Claude 
Higa finished a strong 3rd and Old Timers Michael Aisaka and 
Primo Richard finished 3rd, 4th and 5th respectively with a very 
narrow point spread.  In the Wahine Division expert bodyboarder 
Kamalehua Keokapu-Richard outscored several male 
competitors in her heat to become the Women's Open 
World Paepo Champion in this first annual event held in honor of 
her father, the late Royal Richard.
Competition was even more intense in the pro division with expert 
riders from all over O`ahu: Makaha's own, Mr. G. (Godfrey Young) 
came down from the land of the Buffalo Herd, the infamous  Ace 
Cool from the North Shore and Waimanalo's Primo Richard and 
Life Guard Thursten Hillen, the Hero of Makapu`u, represented the 
Windward Side. . .but in the end it was a locals only day at Point 
Merv Kamalu becomes the first Professional Paepo World 
Champion, demonstrating once again his strength and natural 
athleticism with far outside takeoffs, deep barrels and startling 
blastouts on the inside section.   Long time  paepo specialist Mike 
Aisaka matched Merv wave for wave in both the prelim and the 
finals but when the cards were totaled he was just 1/2 point short.  
Brother Jarrett Liu was outstanding in his prelim heat with off the 
wall rollos and owned the 4 highest scoring rides of the final but an 
unintentional judgment error resulted in an unanimous interference 
call by the judges moving him into 3rd Place.  Only  a few points 
back, scoring more rides than anyone else,  the indefatigable 
Primo Richard finished a strong 4th after having competed in 4 
other 30 to 45 minute heats that day!
Mahalo nui loa from the REDWINGS Memorial Committee to the 
Richard Ohana, Kahuna Kaleo Trinidad, Head Judge Bill Wise, 
our dedicated judging team of Craig Yano, Craig Shibata, Jarrett 
Liu and Kaleo Garlasa, to CFO and Number Cruncher Mr. Jonny 
BQ, to the hardworking tent staff and ground crew, to 
Na Kahu o Kaka`ako Paka, Ernie Romero, Darrin Chong and 
Brian Fo, Lomilomi Lady Crissey Reissner, stupendous sound 
man Nainoa of Da Brahderhood, Na Tita Faith Wenzl and Miss 
Dolo for their expert supporting services, Ke Ohana Wahilani and 
the Point Panic Bodysurfing Club for ka kokua,  KITV Channel 4, 
and to HydroSportz, Viper Surfing Fins, Hawai`i Paipo Designs, 
Manoa Honey Company and our many other sponsors, 
supporters and the state agencies who made this event possible.

Claude Higa and Michael M. Kliks,
Co-Meet Directors,
REDWINGS Memorial Meet Committee.

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