The REDWINGS Memorial World Championship Events

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05 June 2002

TO: Our Donors and Supporters

FROM: The REDWINGS Memorial Events Committee

Aloha na hoa o ka kulana nalu!

The REDWINGS Memorial Committee wishes to express its gratitude to all of those 
persons whose interest and dedication to the sports of handboarding/bodysurfing 
and paepo boarding has led them to make cash and in kind donations to support our 
contests during the past 5 years.  We invite you to participate in the coming season 
of REDWINGS events that will begin with the contests to be held at Point Panic.  
Donors who enter the contest with a contribution of $50 or more will receive a 2002 
contest shirt: please indicate the type (tank or t) and size of shirt you wish to have.  
All donations are tax deductible for any amount above the value of the shirt(s) 


E pono pa`a kakou na ka pono!

Note: The REDWINGS Memorial World Championships of Handboarding is 
sponsored by CTS Foundation that is incorporated in the State of Hawaii under 
Section 415-B-34, Hawaii Revised Statutes and is organized for educational and 
scientific purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the United States 
Internal revenue Code of 1954.
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