Sportsmanship Principles

As stated in our notice of Judging Criteria and in our Waiver "sportsmanship 
and safety" are of utmost concern.  Any activity deemed to be un-sportsmanlike, 
"illegal, hazardous or in violation of event rules" may result in disqualification 
"from this or any future event"! REDWINGS Memorial Events Committee 
reaffirm this policy and will enforce the following measures in order to fulfill its 
goal of promoting safe and healthy ocean sports activities for the youth of the 
State of Hawai`i:
1. Individuals involved in any violent behaviors at contest sites, whether during 
contest events or not, may be deemed to be ineligible for entry in any REDWINGS 
Memorial events.  Serious and/or repeated offences may result in additional 
sanctions by the Committee, and by local, state, national and international 
surfing organizations, which could include permanent banning, loss of titles, and 
criminal and civil prosecution.  Such behaviors shall include the use of abusive or 
threatening language, intimidation, harassment, unnecessary and inappropriate 
physical contact both in the water while surfing, and on land.
2. Individuals who violate the Rules established by the State of Hawai`i for protecting the Point Panic Shore Waters (HAR:13-250;13-254), the Makapu`u Shore Waters, the Sandy Beach/Halona Point Shore Waters and any other protected area, by the possession or use of a surfboard in those waters may be deemed ineligible for entry into any REDWINGS Memorial event and could result in additional sanctions as in paragraph 1 above.
3. The Committee will diligently seek to achieve compliance with the Rules protecting the Point Panic Shore Waters by actively collaborating with officers of the Division of Conservation Enforcement (DOCARE) of the Department of Land and Natural Resource and the Honolulu Police Department in reporting, apprehending, citing and prosecuting individuals who violate these Rules.
4. The Committee will actively protect and defend the civil rights, the person and the property of all individuals who seek to exercise their rights to quiet enjoyment, equal access, and freedom from fear while using Point Panic Shore Waters and Kaka`ako State Waterfront Park. Individuals who violate these rights will be subject to sanctions stated in paragraph 1 above.
5. The Committee believes that the illegal consumption of alcohol and the use and sale of illegal substances in Kaka`ako State Waterfront Park, and the residential and unsanitary uses of the park all contribute to a dangerous deterioration of respect for the rule of law and the rights of individuals and families to use this public facility. We will diligently seek enforcement of laws preventing these activities and will support and collaborate with other citizens and the relevant law enforcement agencies. Individuals who violate these laws will be subject to sanctions stated in paragraph 1 above.
E pono pa`a kakou na ka pono!
Note: The REDWINGS Memorial World Championships of Handboarding is 
sponsored by CTS Foundation that is incorporated in the State of Hawai'i under 
Section 415-B-34, Hawai'i Revised Statutes and is organized for educational and 
scientific purposes within the meaning of Section 501©(3) of the United States 
Internal revenue Code of 1954.
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